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So the Superbowl ad for The Avengers has new glimpses of the action. Look at them all there. The lot of them. Yeah yeah yeah…

Michale Fassbender is the subject of the great film writer David Thomson’s latest and (what appears to be last) Guardian column

Quite possibly the most fun you’ll have at this year’s JDIFF. Stop thinking and snap up tickets for The Raid while you still can.

Nazis on the moon anyone? If crowdfunding becomes more a prominent model can we expect more of this b-movie, schlock, straight-to-(bad)-cult status fare?

Bullhead – this year’s Kill List? The trailer is terrifying.

Development fail? An Into The West remake (this time based in the US) and €50, 000 in development money from the IFB for Jim Sheridan. Really?? What about young up and coming Irish filmmakers who might have needed this opportunity more? What about developing a fresh script? Where is the imagination? Why is an already austerity constricted film board budget being spent on this?

And finally, fans of such great basketball features such as Hoosiers and Hoop Dreams can look forward to The Other Dream Team. Let’s hope it get’s a distributor and we see it round these parts very soon…